Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is already here! It seems like it was just barely Halloween, and now its Thanksgiving! AHHH! I guess i can't complain though, i mean come on, who doesn't like eating all day long until you feel like your going to barf! The best part is, even though you feel like you going to hurl, you still just keep on eating the entire day! hahaha! Oh well, thats tht best part! This year Garrett and I are going up to his parents new home in Highland for our Thanksgiving dinner! I am so excited to see everyone and just spend some good quality time with the Fam! We are going to try and stop at my moms on the way home and have dessert, YUMMY!!!! I can't wait! As for BLACK FRIDAY, Garrett and I aren't going to join in on the crazy day this year! As fun as it is watching all of the crazy moms, and dads do everything in thier power to get what they want for thier kids, we pretty much have all of our shopping done! YAY!! I am going to kind of miss watching the insane people this year but, we'll just wait until next year! Anyway, i hope you all have an amazing holiday, remember to eat your hearts out!!!!

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Chelle! said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am glad you had a great day!!

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