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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long time, no BLOG!

Wow. It's been a good long while since i hace blogged! Life has been busy as can be! ;) i have lot's of pix and lot's of catching up to do. Here is a real quick summary....

Picture you photography is bigger then ever. I have been busy doing that and i am working at Fotogenix Studios in Sandy as a Photographer as well. I love love love my job! I feel so lucky! ;) Garrett is still in Culinary School full time and he is also working full time, it's rough, but i am so thankful for him getting school done and keeping our lives going. He is getting to be such an amazing cook! I LOVE having a chef for a hubby, i'm double lucky!! Anyhoo... We are offically out of Spanish Fork (for good) We are now living in a town home in Cottenwood Heights, and we couldn't be happier. We are in such an awesome location!!

That really sums up our lives for the past 7 months. I will be better about keeping you all up to date with what's going on with the B&G Curtis Fam!! ;)

Here are a few family pix we have done recently as well....

The Curtis Fam 09!

Curtis Family {LGFAM} 027

Curtis Family {LGFAM} 060

Curtis Family {LGFAM} 046

Curtis Family {LGFAM} 051 - Copy

The Ellis,Kosmack,Curtis Fam 09!

Ellis-Kosmack Fam 001

Ellis-Kosmack Fam 044

Ellis-Kosmack Fam 006

Ellis-Kosmack Fam 014

Ellis-Kosmack Fam 007

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


OH MY HECK!!! I am so excited to go to Hawaii! Only 10 more days and we leave! I am so ready to hit the beach and soak up the sun! This weather is driving me nuts, so it will be a nice change for a week! We are so thankful to be able to go! Steve and Kathy (my in-laws) are taking all the kids which includes, Scott, Megan & Ethen, Tash, Garrett & I, and little muchkin Chloe! We couldn't be happier! I feel so lucky to have married into such an amzing family! Thank you Steve and Kathy for everything you do for Garrett and i, we love you both so much and don't know what we would do without you! : ) Well now that your all sooooo jealous, ha ha ha, Jk, i am just really excited and though i would share it with you all! Don't hate me too much..... Well love you all and stay tuned........


Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello there!!!

Well Hello Everyone! Yes we are still alive! hahaha! I have just been a complete slacker and that's my only explanation! I guess i will start where i left off.....We had an amazing first Christmas married! We have already had 5 Christmas's together, but this year, we were married and it was even better! We decided to just spend Christmas Eve at our house alone and then went to both parents during the day! Garrett's birthday is the day after Christmas so the family went and stayed up in Deer Valley for the weekend! It was so much fun!! We enjoyed lot's of food, and played games pretty much all day and night! It was a blast! We also had an amazing New Years! We threw a party at our house and it turned out to be a huge hit! Feb, was a great month too!! Garrett started Culinary school and my photography took off better then ever! Garrett is loving school and i am so proud of him! He is such an amazing cook, and i would have to say i am a damn lucky wife to have him! I am really focusing on my photography and I'm hoping to take it to the next level very soon! I love it and it's my dream career! Valentines Day was so much fun this year! We just stayed home, cooked our own Tepanyaki meal, watched movies and just enjoyed our first Valentines Day married too!! March has been pretty busy, with Garrett going to school full time and working at Outback Steakhouse, he is really tired! He just finished his first quarter last week and is enjoying a week break! I just quit working at my moms work, and I'm focusing on finish dental assisting and like i said hoping to expand my photography a ton! I cannot believe April is right around the corner! This year is flying by so fast! We are so excited for April to be here because Garrett's parents are taking all us kids to Hawaii! We leave the 11Th and come home on the 18Th! We couldn't be more grateful and SUPER excited!!!!! Hopefully by the time we get home, this winter wonderland weather will be done and over with! So.... Now that i have caught you all up, i will share a few pix! Hope you enjoy, and i will try and be better about keeping you all up to date with whats been going on in our lives!!! : ) ~Bre

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.::Little Rug Rat's MIni-Photo Contest::.

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to announce that i am doing my first Mini-Photo Contest!!! Perfect for all ages!! It will be held Friday, Jan. 30th & Saturday, Jan. 31st from 9am-3pm, at the castle above the Utah State Hospital in Provo!! I don't want to spoil everything right away, so check out my photography blog for more info on Entry Fee's, Prizes, and more Details!! Hurry up and book your session today, there are a limited amount of spots avaliable! You can call me to book your shoot or send me an email with the time and day that works best for you! : )
Thank you for all of your love and support! I couldn't do this without all of you!


-Bre Curtis

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photography Blog!

Hey everyone! Check out my photography blog! I have offically started and need some more faces! Please spread the word. If somone you have reffered comes to me you will recieve $25 off your next session! Let me know what you think about my work so far, i love the feedback! Thanks Everyone, hope to be capturing your memories soon!!!!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Christmas Time!

As you can tell i am super excited for Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is over we can offically start celebrating it! I put my tree up this weekend and have been doing some holiday baking! I love this time of year! You just feel so warm and fuzzy inside and out! Shopping for others is my most favorite thing ever! I espically love shopping for my hubby! Even though he doesn't love it! hehe, this year has been hard money wise so Garrett and I have decided to do a smaller gift, and fill our stockings for eachother! Honestly, the stocking is my favorite thing to open Christmas morning! I just love it!!! :) Garrett's birthday is the day after Christmas, so i actually get to do two presents i am pretty excited about that! :) We are doing something really special for our grandparents and our parents this year and i cannot wait to see how they like it! I am really looking forward to all the Christmas parties that are happening over the next couple weeks, and then Christmas is going to be here before we know it! YIPPIE!!! Can't wait!!! I would love to hear about all of your favorite Christmas excitments! Tash i already know what yours is! he he!!! Just kidding! I love you Tash!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is already here! It seems like it was just barely Halloween, and now its Thanksgiving! AHHH! I guess i can't complain though, i mean come on, who doesn't like eating all day long until you feel like your going to barf! The best part is, even though you feel like you going to hurl, you still just keep on eating the entire day! hahaha! Oh well, thats tht best part! This year Garrett and I are going up to his parents new home in Highland for our Thanksgiving dinner! I am so excited to see everyone and just spend some good quality time with the Fam! We are going to try and stop at my moms on the way home and have dessert, YUMMY!!!! I can't wait! As for BLACK FRIDAY, Garrett and I aren't going to join in on the crazy day this year! As fun as it is watching all of the crazy moms, and dads do everything in thier power to get what they want for thier kids, we pretty much have all of our shopping done! YAY!! I am going to kind of miss watching the insane people this year but, we'll just wait until next year! Anyway, i hope you all have an amazing holiday, remember to eat your hearts out!!!!

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Garrett and i dated for 4 years before we got married, we thought we had experienced everything together. Little did we know, being married is even more of an experience! Just the thought of knowing, my best friend will be with me every waking moment, everytime i need some cheering up, and anytime i need a good laugh, is the best feeling ever! I love my husband with all my heart! I am truly the happiest i have ever been! Guess thats the latest thoughts on the Curtis family! We are happier then ever!

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