Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Christmas Time!

As you can tell i am super excited for Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is over we can offically start celebrating it! I put my tree up this weekend and have been doing some holiday baking! I love this time of year! You just feel so warm and fuzzy inside and out! Shopping for others is my most favorite thing ever! I espically love shopping for my hubby! Even though he doesn't love it! hehe, this year has been hard money wise so Garrett and I have decided to do a smaller gift, and fill our stockings for eachother! Honestly, the stocking is my favorite thing to open Christmas morning! I just love it!!! :) Garrett's birthday is the day after Christmas, so i actually get to do two presents i am pretty excited about that! :) We are doing something really special for our grandparents and our parents this year and i cannot wait to see how they like it! I am really looking forward to all the Christmas parties that are happening over the next couple weeks, and then Christmas is going to be here before we know it! YIPPIE!!! Can't wait!!! I would love to hear about all of your favorite Christmas excitments! Tash i already know what yours is! he he!!! Just kidding! I love you Tash!


Danielle Richardson said...

i love christmas too!! i almost dont want it to come because then the season is over :(

Chelle! said...

I LOVE CHRISTMAS, TOO!!! It is coming so fast and I love it!!

88 Photography said...

How Are you? Sorry I didn't notice you left me a comment... I use some of my favorite fabrics as backdrops and it makes for more of a trendy picture...I love it. Good Luck with Buisness!

Natasia said...

you are a punk! No, Bre...Ham is NOT my favorite thing about Christmas... The question, as I remember it was..."Name your favorite holiday tradition food"...and I said ham. Ya'll really think my favorite Christmas memory or tradition is ham...even food? No! Actually my fav is Christmas Eve, the family dinner, the p.j.'s, a xmas book, and cookies, milk and a letter for santa. Other than that, I love the time designated to opening stockings Christmas morning. I'm going to miss you guys this year. It won't even be the same. :(

Stacey Ellis said...

I LOVE YOU BRE! Thanks for all you do for me and for being such a sweet baby girl!!! Love your Mamma!

jason johnston said...

Bre, I know that you have heard of me, what you have heard I don't know. We need some family pictures done,and would love for you to do ours! I have seen your portfolio on Colton,Stacie, and Oaklee- What a great job you do.Please let me get to know you and your husband- I have heard wonderful things.

Jason Johnston

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